Friday, 27 October 2006

Dogs. Vet. Kid and college.

Man. How is it possible that animals can cost so much? It's as bad as having human kids, I reckon. Just when you think it's safe - wham! Another huge vet's bill.

Mojo hasn't been eating for a couple of days, and has had a couple of rather explosive incidents of diarrhoea in the wee hours of the morning. Naturally, she's starving. So when McGee expressed an interest in her daily chewy, she went beserk. Those two have never fought with intent, especially over something as arbitrary as a chewy. This battle left McGee with two huge wounds in his right front leg - ironically, the same place Mojo was hurt.

Off we drove, bleeding dog and poo-ing dog in one car. McGee had to have stitches, so he was hustled off to the kennel. Poor Mo had the leash wrapped around her dainty muzzle and was lifted - oh, indignity! - onto the examining table where, to her horror, a thermometer was shoved places no self-respecting Dane would tolerate. Unfortunately for Mo, her confidence is not the greatest at the best of times, so she suffered in silence, not even a whimper, just great big sad eyes slathering on the guilt.

One blood-smear and a few injections later, the verdict: Mojo has hookworm. A lovely parasite most often caused by eating poo. Brilliant.

We shall have to find some way to raise the cat-boxes where Danes and Labs can't reach, and install a high-level waste area outside. Le sigh.

Best part? Hookworm is contagious to humans. Oh, bloody great big steaming balls of joy.

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