Thursday, 30 November 2006

BastianFrom Jay


From JC, my brother-in-law

Things I will never forget about Bastian
1) Slobbered up to me more than any other dog in the World!!! Sometimes had more slime per square inch on me than the average Joe and sunscreen.
2) Being HIGHLY protective of his big bone - stoof the rest of the house, his bone was important-dammit
3) Doing a "Sebastian" charge and knocking Tat off her feet, and I'm the one getting the blame and smack for it...
4) Just sorting out the cats - boy I'm gonna miss this one!!! Also looking chuffed with another successful "negotiation" with dogs walking past in the street.
5) His little "chummy", all of 15 cm tall giving him the lip when he first moved in.
6) The lying on his back and scratching the shyte outta them pesky fleas - quite a sight!
7) Just being there.
8) Him and the kids, especially with Barry and his Smarties!!!
9) Looking prancy and mightely pink after a visit to the poodle parlour and had a ribbon in his hair.
10) Him arguing with Dad over his supper - MINE NOT YOURS!!!
11) The pure size and beauty of him - fark he was BIG!!!

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