Monday, 26 February 2007


Board games are a staple when we go away on holiday, or even just gather with friends and aren't in the mood for our usual rip-roaring nights of excess (although, since we manage to turn everything into a drinking game, the latter is debatable). So what's my favourite?

Scrabble, without a doubt. Closely followed by Tri-ominoes and 30 Seconds.

Although if Max 'n Jacks (poker dice) was considered a board game, it would beat everything here hands down.

Max 'n Jacks is the game for our Easter holiday time in Hogsback, especially if we play the drinking version. Moosquared, Deafboy and I have a fierce competition every year. Moosquared is the undisputed champion, winning the lines if not the top score. That means she gets to make everyone drink! It's so unfair.

Tri-ominoes is Deafboy's game, because he's sneaky 'n shit. And he's good with numbers. Scrabble is my game and, even though Moosquared is a wordsmith too, I usually win because I love the obscure, oh yes indeed. I may not write reams of graceful, eye-catching, glowing prose, but I know words.

30 Seconds? Just 'cause we always have male/female play-offs and it's a game for the super-competitive who like screaming at each other. Woo!

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