Monday, 16 October 2006

Life sucks if you're grumpy

Poor little Grumpy Bum. She's gone and hurt her leg on the razor wire at the side of the house, and is in isolation yet again. And that damn leg just won't stop twitching! Take a step - twitch. Get picked up (indignity!) - twitch. Be placed on the ground again - twitchtwitchtwitchtwitchaaaarrrrggghhh!

Fortunately her face is perfect for a pissed-off expression - it's the black stripe down the side of her nose, which gives her a permanent frown. And the 'tude, of course. There's a reason she's called Grumpy Bum, you know.

Even more irritating to the Thuglet (as we call her when she is safely out of hearing range) is the fact that McGee, the lab she beat up all by her little self, is now coming to offer sympathy instead of remaining cowed at a distance. Unthinkable! How dare he! And he licks her face!

It's embarrassing, is what it is. The terror of the household, laid low by a stupid paw.

Of course, this would not be a problem, Miss Bum, if you didn't wander around the razor wire as though it were your friend. Perhaps slicing off a pad wasn't the brightest idea you've ever had. Just a thought.

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