Thursday, 22 March 2007

What I really, really want

- To own a kick-ass superbike (and actually learn to ride it)
- To meet the bloggers over whom I obsess ... which is probably a scary thought for them (you're thinking it's you, now, right? It probably is.)
- To finally feel comfortable with myself, be it with weight, attitude or anything else that wakes me up in cold sweats
- To have, or adopt, a child. Never thought I'd want one, but the biological clock suddenly started with a big boom this year. I'm 34, so I'd better get cracking. And yes, people, I know I'm getting divorced and that I might well be infertile. Whatever.
- To design and build my own home in Hogsback, which hopefully isn't that far in the future, and move there, away from the corporate world.

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