Monday, 26 March 2007

Who really cares?

I don't understand why the opinion of others is so important. No, I lie, of course I do.

But I just don't get the big deal about getting all het up when someone makes an obviously incorrect assumption about me and then tries to force it down my throat.

If they're that stupid that they could make an asinine assumption about me, and then try to force me to admit that it's true so they can go off and gloat about it, then why the hell should I care about them? They're not someone with whom I want to spend a lot of time; I see them intermittently and I know what's coming.

So why care? Why kick up a fuss? Just smile blandly, shrug and keep quiet. They soon go away if you don't rise to their taunts.

But take the bait, and you will be stuck with them, as they follow you around, trying to push you to "admit" to more and more assumptions they have made about you, based purely on your looks, your intellect, your job, your salary.

Really? It's a big deal to you? Why?

Idiots and insecure people will draw incorrect conclusions. I smile at them and walk away, knowing the truth, and go off to spend time with someone who knows me and who makes me feel good.

Life is for living; why waste it on those who don't know any better?

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