Saturday, 19 May 2007

My geek

So I started this online dating thing for a laugh; after all, Deafboy's doing it, why shouldn't I? It's not like I'm looking for a lifelong partner; the divorce hasn't even been finalised yet (two more weeks! Please, just hurry). Hmm. So far, of the 20 or so guys who've contacted me, only one has been worthwhile. And by "worthwhile" I mean, "actually has something interesting to say".

I haven't felt this kind of instant connection to someone in a while - particularly someone I've met over the web. Perhaps it's because he writes so well and he's not shy to go into reams of detail. A sci-fi geek! It's brilliant. He gets uber-technical and doesn't stint on the wealth of information when explaining something; he doesn't expect that his writing will go over my head, or stick only to the "so what do you like?" formula. And I appreciate that.

We've met twice, now. And we've both tumbled headlong into friendship. Nothing physical on the horizon, but god it's good to find someone who gets my more obscure references and who's as excited about 80s sci-fi cartoons as I do. Even if he is almost a decade younger than I am.

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