Monday, 17 November 2008

A job well done

Colleague in East London: I need some photos of the JIMS visit for a presentation, please. Two of the EL group are presenting to the managers tomorrow.

Me: Sure, no problem.

Different colleague in East London: CB asked me to phone you for a photograph of yourself. She's still talking about her visit to JIMS, and she's one of the people presenting to the managers tomorrow. She can't stop talking about how you made such a huge difference to the trip and how you made them all feel so welcome. (In background, CB: I'll be telling the managers that she was brilliant!)

Me: *glow* That is so sweet! Thank you.

First colleague in East London: By the way, those people who are doing the presentation have been telling everyone how friendly you were and how you made this trip so much better than the last few have been. Well done!

Me: *GLOW*

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