Saturday, 20 December 2008

Lost and found

Benkei has closed down! The Illovo shop is empty, sign taken away ... and a recording that says it'll reopen on 3 January (yeah right). MadCat and I took a drive off to the Norwood branch, and fortunately, we phoned on the way. They're closed, too, but have been taken over by Real Sushi.

Well, sushi's what we wanted, so off we went.

At first glance, the place looks fairly decent - nice tables, etc. The ambience is gone, and there's a rotating sushi conveyor - not one of my favourite experiences. The menus are amateurish, peeling, laminated paper - not particularly confidence-inspiring. And there are no descriptions of any dishes. Still, we were ravenous by then, and they prepared crispy salmon skin - which is what we were craving - so we went ahead and ordered.

Oh, my! Light, crisp, delicious, super-fresh ... my new favourite salmon skin provider!

Yep - Real Sushi's where it's at.

(Prices aren't bad, either.)

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