Sunday, 11 January 2009

All okay

Thank you to my MadCat for saving the day and fixing the leak that's been sending my water bill through the roof. It'll take time, clearing that debt; but at least it won't be spiralling right out of control day by day. He and Ferret were a complete and utter mess, covered in mud, wet, stinky, but triumphant. Deafboy and I were the hangers-on, left to copy across the files for his wedding, delegated to fetch lunch and finish the cake while the workers toiled away tirelessly in the miserable drizzle, trying to fix the leak.

And in so doing, we were able to celebrate MadCat's birthday after all. What enormous fun, having The Circle around us, talking absolute nonsense as usual. Great sushi for all, blending the friends and showing MadCat how much he is loved. And yes - he is loved, by many more than he thought possible two years ago.

The tank cake was a hit, too - Li Ming Zhou and her staff took the leftovers afterward! I think I might enjoy making and decorating cakes ...

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