Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Critical baby moved to Starship after assault - National - NZ Herald News

Critical baby moved to Starship after assault - National - NZ Herald News:
"A 10-week-old baby who is in a critical condition after being attacked at the weekend is being moved to Starship Hospital in Auckland for specialist care."

What kind of cretin attacks a baby? For that matter, what kind of cretin assaults and abuses a helpless child, no matter of what age?

I have been reading stories that have made me sick to my stomach, over the past few days. Stories of impotent, cruel, vicious, heartless monsters, male and female, who are so cowardly that they cannot face life like a real adult and instead take out their frustration about their pathetic lives on those defenceless lives that are weaker than themselves, unable to protect themselves. To this I add animals - dogs, cats, horses, birds ... you name it, people have abused it.

This world deserves annihilation, and only a few deserve to live. I don't know that I count myself in that small group, but I do know that I am likely to raise my own fists to someone who harms a child, a woman, an animal, in my presence. And I am not defenceless. I am vicious, and I will give them a taste of their own pain.

Cowardly fuckers.

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