Sunday, 25 January 2009

Friends will be friends

Supper with Sunshine and Guttermind, Moosquared and Rhino in attendance. Wonderful, as ever; the fun we have is incomparable - as ever. Dancing with Rhino, being taught new steps, has me thinking I may want to take up said dancing in the future. Perhaps Rhino will be my partner, unless he is able to get Moosquared to dance with him! I think she might - she does love him more than anyone in the world, after all.

Guttermind was his typical funny self; as Rhino was attempting to teach me new dance steps, and swirl me around the room, Guttermind would get jealous of the lack of attention and leap in between us, throwing himself into our group. We were also treated to much chest-flashing - a scary thought but there he is, getting more and more laid-back with us! As Moosquared says - we really come here for the floor show. And the food (the mussel soup was DIVINE! Although I was good and didn't even touch the bread.).

The cake was a disaster, of course. Oh well. Next time, I shall make cupcakes, one each, and that will be easier since they won't turn into cake-biscuits. This baking thing is hard! Perhaps next, I shall attempt Mama Jo's famous cheesecake (I believe it's a version of New York cheesecake, although she's never called it that. To her, it's simply cheesecake).

I am in deep stress. Being the sole provider this month is making me tremble. I did the grocery shopping yesterday, to the tune of R1500. Today was Dischem, to the tune of R670 (I managed to put down the nice-to-have lipstick that would only have cost R35, but was not on my list. And I just remembered that I forgot to buy eyeliner. Doh! I will have to look like a vampire this week, then.

Stress. Lack of money. I can't keep it up much longer. Being broke and poor is getting really old, really quickly.

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