Thursday, 22 January 2009

Jaffar! Kri!

I had quite a nice dream this morning ... odd (as usual), but enjoyable. Except for the part where I was being held hostage. But it was okay, 'cos I'd managed to spirit my cellphone out of my jeans pocket and had slipped it behind my back, in dialling mode, so MadCat could find his way to me and hear what was going on. Sneaky! Of course, being tied down didn't help, but at least I was ready for a rescue. Odd, though, since generally I'm the one doing the rescuing ...

Anyway, MadCat and Teal'c showed up in good time and vanquished the hostage-takers (especially that highly irritating blonde woman who kept pestering me with questions). Then when we got outside the - shop? house? warehouse? I couldn't really tell, except that there were racks of clothes inside - Teal'c turned into a dragon and flew us out of range of the mortars. Well, not a dragon per se - a black snakelike creature that breathed fire and had wings.

Then, a dream I've had before (I think) showed up, and MadCat had to "sell" items from a car on a highway somewhere, but then he changed into a dragon. That's when things went a little wonky and he started trying to eat me (at least, I assume that's what he was doing, chasing me all over the house and through passages and stuff). I wasn't really scared though, just startled; not everyday one's MadCat turns into a devouring monster!

In any event ... lots of side-details, but ones I can't articulate (I'm no descriptive Dean Koontz). It was still a lot of fun, though.

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