Monday, 26 January 2009


Torturing Pesky is so much fun. She gets rubbed and loved and hugged and kissed until that tail of hers is in full lash, then she runs away and sulks on the end of the bed like a big, black tumour (or threemour, as the case may be). Poor Pest. The things she has to endure! So much hunim love!

Insolent is becoming much more outgoing, now that she is isolated from the other cats. She's still terrified of her own shadow, but now she comes to me and demands love, rubbing her head against any available part of me and licking exposed skin (which is rather uncomfortable, given that she has a cat's rough tongue). Still, it's worth it, to have my little terrified loner, constantly beaten up by the other cats, be content.

Ten is bemoaning her fate yet again. Honestly, that long-drawn-out whine drives me mental! There's no reason for it; she just likes complaining, and it gets right inside one's brain. Her feral nature really comes to the fore, even though she's been in human company for over seven years now; the hissing and shouting are ingrained in her, I'm afraid.

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