Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Battle for little girl, 3, rages on

News - Front Page: Battle for little girl, 3, rages on

Justice bosses have been left embarrassed about their costly bungling of an American man's child abduction claims against his South African wife.

But the justice department is unrepentant about its failure to take the American's three-year-old daughter away from her mother, whom the little girl has lived with in South Africa for more than two years, and send her to an uncertain future in America.

This really gets my goat. Isn't the Family Advocate supposed to be looking after the child's best interests? How could they be prepared to send her off to parts unknown, to someone who hasn't seen her more than twice in two years, without even bothering to check how she'll be travelling there?

In addition to ordering that the Family Advocate pay a hefty legal costs bill for its urgent bid to take "Jenny" away from her mother, Van Oosten criticised Family Advocate Renay Kathawaroo for ...
  • Giving little or no attention to how "Jenny" would be transported back to the US, should the Family Advocate succeed in its application.

  • Unbelievable! Not only should the judge be applauded for his attack on their incompetence, this "Advocate" should be charged with child abuse for his attempts to ruin this child's life in a bid to exercise his power incorrectly!

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