Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Oz aerobics - Bellydancing 1

My first use of this DVD. Can I tell you how hard this damn thing is? It all looks so deceptively simple - just gentle movements, side to side, a few hops, leg twists and lots of hand movements. How hard could it be?

Hard enough that there were rivulets - not drops, rivulets! - of sweat running down my face halfway through the DVD (about 25 minutes in). As I type this, my T-shirt is soaked through, there is sweat running from my hair and my capris are sticking to me.

I found the instructions simple, but no easy. And thankfully, even though they're beautiful bombshells, I didn't feel that sense of YES! YES! YES! that I get from normal aerobics instructors. Maybe it's because they're Australian?

Anyway - so far my belly-dancing is shameful. Nessie would be horrified if she saw me now, just six months after I stopped the classes. I have no sense of rhythm, I can't even walk with the hip swings, and my shimmying is pathetic (but when was it not?). Not to worry! A few weeks of this on a daily basis and I'll pick up the steps again fairly easily - I hope.

And now, I'm off to bath - before my fresh sweat turns to a miasma of stench. Phew!

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