Thursday, 22 January 2009

Shake your booty

Second session withe the belly-dancing DVD. I didn't sweat as much (maybe the chilly weather had something to do with that), and I'm getting a little better with my timing. My joints aren't aching as much, though I can feel that my back is going to be stiff tomorrow. Still not up on the arm movements, and those two left are definitely around for a long while!

Heheh, MadCat is considering teh Comrades! Well, he wasn't - he just wants to be able to sprint 10 000m - but being the little obsessive that he is, he's getting that gleam in his eye ... only if he's able to win, though!

Run out of dog food for Mo, and only get paid on Saturday. Guess the girl's going to have to eat rice, lentils and giblets for a while!

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