Thursday, 15 January 2009

The slow lane

So, having started with the best of intentions (isn't that always the way?), eating healthily, taking raw veggies to work for snacking instead of the two chocolate bars and packet of chips I was consuming toward the end of the year ... I'm already bored. See? This is my problem! There's a reason I used to have five or six different drinks on the same table back in the day! I GET BORED!

Of course, maybe the metallic taste of the courgettes or the odd sweet-bitterness of the peppers are affecting me. I just need to get used to their "true" flavour. And all that water and green tea's gotta help, right?

OK - I'm just going to keep thinking of the weddings. I do NOT want to be the biggest person in the photos! (Well, the biggest woman at the Best Wedding Ever, at any rate.)

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