Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Describe me

1. Wallet
Soft red leather rectangle

2. Dream car
Mitsubishi Pajero 3.8 V6

3. Toothbrush
Worn out

4. Jewellery worn daily
It changes every day. Today it's a Stargate lookalike.

5. Pillow Case
One black, one orange, blue and neutral African print.

6. Eyes
Brown and slightly Asian.

7. Room
Messy, and losing its carpet thanks to the efforts of my industrious MadCat (there's a beautiful parquet floor under all that carpet glue).

8. Cologne/Perfume
I love Hugo Bosse Femme, but usually I smell of whatever soap I used in the bath that morning.

9. CD in stereo
An MP3 compilation I put together of fun music and lots of Linkin Park.

10. Piercings
One in the left ear, two in the right.

11. Wearing
Olive wool top, brown corduroy trousers, Froggie boots.

12. Wanting
MadCat, and not to have to worry about money.

13. What does your blog title mean
You know that saying "When life gives you a lemon"? I don't bother with making lemonade.

14. Last thing you ate
Vintage cheddar and sweet chilli marmalade on rye, as made by MadCat.

15. Something you are afraid of
Losing my loved ones, be they human or animal.

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