Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Odd dreams

1. A journalist receiving a briefing from President Obama somewhere in what I assume was the White House; suddenly skylights smash and armed men drop into the room (been watching too many bad action movies lately?). Lots of shouting, lots of shooting, although thankfully none of ours die. Aftermath: sitting on a couch, discussing events and what to keep out of the media. "For better or worse, you're part of our team now," he says gravely.

2. An argument with MadCat (masquerading as Deafboy in a particularly irritating phase) for no reason other than he asked me to replace the town portal, while being snarky about me taking too long to get ready for work. (Being woken by Mojo at 3am might have had this effect.) Lots of door slamming, lots of anger.

3. In some sort of casina / house / mall, with what I can only assume are Bad Guys and Girls, who look like wrestlers and drag each other around the room with chains around necks for fun. Not sure what was going on here, but MadCat and I were not happy about being here and tried to find ways to escape.

4. We escaped, but suddenly I ended up on a plane that was going to crash. Fortunately it didn't end up in the Hudson, but landed sedately alongside the Riverside Cafe. Chaos and screaming; MadCat wasn't there, but he found me later.

5. Finally, driving off to the wedding, frantic because I'm late. Look up in time to see that I'm about to drive off the highway overpass, which is hundreds of metres up in the air. Fortunately the barrier seems to be elastic and as I turn the wheel, it keeps the car's right-side tyres on the road so that I don't fall into the chasm looming at my left. As I get back onto the road, discover that the brakes don't work and I'm careening through crowds of schoolkids. Fortunately I don't hit anyone, but this was the scariest component of my multiple dreams.

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