Saturday, 4 April 2009

Close call

MadCat's memories are returning. Today he told me what really happened when he was burned.

Seems he wasn't wearing the gloves at the time. What he'd done was put them on, picked up the pot, realised it was going to explode so put it down and turned to grab the fire extinguisher. As he approached the pot, about to spray - the vapour ignited. And, coming at it from an angle, left hand wrapped around the stem of the fire extinguisher, naturally the tops of his fingers took the brunt of the blast. The extinguisher was in the way, so it shielded his face; and his right hand was on the depressor at the back, thumb on top, which is how that got a rather nasty little burn. Barefoot, of course, right foot leading, so a few large splatter drops over the toes.

He says he dropped the extinguisher and hopped around the kitchen in agony before turning and seeing that the pot was really burning. That's when he snatched back the extinguisher and put out the flames.

I was very quiet after he told me the story. He didn't seem to realise that that's because I was imagining the horror of the pot exploding in his face instead of up at his hand.

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