Thursday, 9 April 2009

Lift my spirits


Even the word is enough to make me shiver with delight, knowing that I'm part of a community sharing a delicious secret. Do his other readers feel this same warm glow, this pull toward a shared history that we have only lived in our imaginations?

"The given world dazzles with wonder, poetry, and purpose. The man-made world, on the other hand, is a perverse realm of ego and envy, where power-mad cynics make false idols of themselves and where the meek have no inheritance because they have gladly surrendered it to their idols in return not for lasting glory but for an occasional parade, not for bread but for the promise of bread."

I thank all that is good that there is Dean Koontz to sustain my soul, in a world where nihilism, cynicism and contempt are held to be the apex of success.

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