Friday, 10 April 2009

Stuff and nonsense

I have spent the most unproductive day ever, sleeping late (and then having a nap an hour later), mooching my way through a leisurely breakfast, spending most of the day either reading or Simming, and being overjoyed when my fellow bridesmaids called to cancel our planned session to finish off the bride's gifts for the upcoming bridal shower.

Oh, wait. I did bestir myself to make my latest macaroni-cheese concoction, featuring the additions of pork and peas. Yum.

I know, a riveting post, as usual. I really should work on getting the interesting stuff out of my head and onto the page, not vice versa.

I know! Let's do a quiz. Because there's nothing I like more than writing meaningless lists about myself. This one is from the annals of history, no idea where I got it all those years ago.

A - Available or Single? Very much Attached, thanks.
B - Best Friend? Moosquared, otherwise known as Neek-Neek The Omniscient, soon to be most beautiful bride at the Wedding of the Century.
C - Cake or Pie? Pie. Not much beats a good apple pie.
D - Drink of Choice? Tequila as a shooter, or Southern Comfort on the rocks. Or with lime. Hmm, and Moosquared has introduced me to Glenmorangie Madeira. But how can I say no to a good Chardonnay? Oh, the choices!
E - Essential Item? My cellphone
F - Favorite Color? Lime, especially with a splash of SoCo
G - Gummi Bears or Worms? Gummi bears. There's nothing quite like lulling your gummi bears into a false sense of safety before savagely attacking and ripping off their tiny little heads.
H - Hometown? Born in Cape Town but a Jo'burger at heart
I- Indulgence? Books and more books.
J - January or February? February, since it's the runt of the litter.
K - Kids and Names? 8: McGee, Eskarina, Ten-of-Six, Grumpy Bum, Insolent, Mojo, Izzit, Cloudstalker
L - Life is incomplete without…? Books.
M - Marriage Date? 28 February 2000 (in other words, I was a Leap Year ho) (Should I put my divorce date, too? OK: 29 June 2007.)
N - Number of Siblings? Two - a sister born three years to the day after me, and a brother just over a decade younger.
O - Oranges or Apples? Neither. Cherries are the way to go.
P - Phobias/Fears? Creepy-crawlies, swimming in the ocean - it's all that nothingness under my feet - high places that don't have me strapped to a big, strong tree, fire
Q - Favorite Quote? Bring out the salt and tequila!
R - Reasons to smile? One of my animals being a complete loon, as usual
S - Season? Spring. Heading out of the bitter cold, but before the strength-sapping heat of summer
T - Tag 3 people? Tempting, but I don't know any other bloggers personally and my buddies won't start just for this.
U - Unknown Fact About Me? I enjoy big band and swing (shh. Don't tell my fellow metalheads.)
V - Vegetable You Hate? Brussel sprouts. (Dammit! Since I discovered Heidi's brilliant way to cook brussel sprouts, I can't get enough of them! But there isn't another vegetable that I actively hate ... not that I can think of, at any rate.)
W - Worst Habit? Talking about ME
X - Xrays You’ve Had? Back, chest, most recently ankle
Y - Your Favorite Foods? Sushi
Z - Zodiac? Virgo, Year of the Rat

There! Since I updated the list from its two-year-old status, I feel almost like I've actually written a post.

Oh, who am I kidding?

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