Saturday, 13 June 2009

Feel the burn

So, I'm sick. We're both sick, but MadCat has been sick for almost two weeks (and worked nightshift in that time), while I've only had it for two days.

But that was enough to have us blow off Sunshine for her birthday dinner tonight. 'Cos let me tell you, none of those folks would've been happy with us hacking and coughing all over them or while trying to eat.

It's not gunky and snotty; not that kind of sick. But it's constant coughing, dry coughs that rub the throat raw. We've been drinking Witdulsis and Borstol and Borsdruppels (can you say eeuw? LIQUORICE!) all day, hot toddies and ginger and chilli and orange at hand. No help.

I am trying not to swallow too much because it hurts like a motherfucker. All I want to eat is some kind of mousse or soft poached eggs or soup or ... nothing, really. It hurts.

But, dammit, I wish we were at Casalinga with the others!

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