Friday, 11 September 2009

And you call yourselves professionals?


How is it that a so-called global organisation such as the IAAF or a nationally-responsible committee such as ASA cannot keep their shit together?

How THE FUCK could results like this be leaked when Caster Semenya herself is only due to receive them in November - by the IAAF's own admission?

Why was she not prepared, taken into private, counselled?

This entire farce has been bungled from the start, with the ASA acting like milling schoolkids instead of the apparently professional organisation it's supposed to be, well-versed in the politics and back-stabbing of the sporting world, trained to deal with media attention, able to properly guide the athletes who are its responsibility. Instead an 18-year-old has been left to deal with politicking about her achievement and coarse curiosity about her gender. Still no word on counselling or preparation in case the tests return exactly the results that have (allegedly) been revealed.

It's a fucking disgrace that Caster and her family have had no support from ASA except for the grandstanding moves that would gain the officials greater glory. Caster Semenya didn't need promises about a house; she needed someone to ensure that she could handle any possible outcome of these tests and the intense media scrutiny.

You bastards, you are responsible for screwing up this child's life with your fucking politicking.

You should be ashamed.

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