Friday, 16 October 2009

Play it again

As much as I prefer playing female characters, and can't really get caught up in a game if I can only play as a male, I have to ask: what's up with the stupid costumes for most female characters? Especially in RPGs?

I generally play either a rogue, a ranger or a sorceress, depending on my mood, and yes, I tend to stick to bows - slings, darts and javelins just don't have the same effect. I've been fairly impressed with some of the recent games - particularly Neverwinter Nights 2 - that have been improving their use of female characters; while I'm sure guys enjoyed staring at the mostly naked buttocks of Bloodrayne, and really, I can admire a hot female form as much as a red-blooded male can, it's just illogical that any female warrior would go anywhere dressed in a leather thong, bikini top, and thigh-high stiletto boots.

I mean, come on. Queen Bodicea might not have gone to war in full armour, but she didn't go in her underwear, either.

Look, when you're facing off against an alien, or some dudes with big guns and evil intentions, or possibly a few vampires ready to kick your butt, being overly sexually stimulated could be a bit of a problem. And, hey! Not all those geeks (who created the stories) were men!

We women are turned on by scantily-clad females, too - but we also like to apply a bit of logic to our gaming experience, and therefore, a sexy avatar is one thing, but when the character never changes no matter how much new armour she wears, there's something fishy, and it ain't the double-anchovy pizza we ordered.

What warrior goes into battle without the proper protection? It's just plain wrong. They would never expect their male avatars to prance around half-naked! Pfft. Oh, and FYI: as a female geek (wannabe geek, anyway), I found the scantily-clad Barbarian of Diablo II and its ilk, to be the least interesting of all the players ... muscles don't interest me, brains do.

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