Saturday, 7 November 2009

Day of the Triffids

After a week of no MadCat - damn these night shifts and roadworks keeping him away from me! - he galloped his way home right as the shift ended, making it through the gate mere minutes before I was about drive off to work. It being Friday, I didn't really give a damn about getting to work late; love and kisses (and the best hugs in the world) are far more important.

A good thing, too, since it was a day of go-go-go, at least as far as writing was concerned - four company emails, one speech, two articles ... whew! In between, I still found time to copy wedding dress pics and links across for Miss M, and give her a little boost on the rightness of her choice in colours. After all - no matter how sweet Shopgirl is, who cares what her mother thinks about SOMEONE ELSE'S WEDDING? Honestly - if Miss M wants red flowers, or to wear a red dress, who is a stranger to say no to her ideas? Besides - with a nine-year-old daughter, it's not like she'll be wearing white, or even wanting to.

ANYWAY. Back home, to a (very tired) MadCat, who had drunk six cups of coffee at Iaculus' place in an effort to stay awake. Bad idea. SO BAD. Honestly, he looked stoned. And drunk. And demonic, with the red eyes.

But I was lazy, and not in the mood to cook. And I had (note the "had", i.e. before the bank SMS this evening) enough money to treat us to dinner. So I took us off to Ghazal for Indian food. Let me tell you - it gives Masala a run for its money! Masala's more home-cooked meal style (never a problem), and Ghazal is definitely top-notch restaurant grade. Not to mention the amazing service. And damn good prices. And linen napkins! Always a plus.

MadCat was a riot. He kept forgetting what he was saying and, at one point, I thought he might actually pass out in his food. Then the curry arrived, and that idea went totally out the window. We had to restrain ourselves from finishing off the entire lot, so we could take some home (with extra naan and rice) for breakfast. And what a fabulous waiter - Tapiwe J (from Zim).

MadCat's pretty funny when he's overtired. He goes into uber-MadCat mode - super-complimentary, even more earnest about praising good service, going into great detail, geeking out ... he's hilarious!

This morning, we had our leftovers for breakfast. Let no one tell you that curry should not be eaten first thing in the morning! Fabulousness.

Then it was the battle to get the damn Delicious Monster into the car. Ylva is now full of mud and dirt. It's everywhere! The DM was heavy, and unwieldy; thank goodness Rincewind and his team dug it out and clipped the leaves, as I'm not sure we could have done it properly. As it was, we shoved it into the back and pulled the leaves up through the sun-roof; then we turned around 2km from home and came back so we could wrap a sheet around the leaves and tie it down securely so that they didn't rip off and land on someone's windscreen.

Off to PTA (an hour later than planned), and Shopgirl and Bodyguard were almost panicked at the thought that we we'd get lost! They insisted that we wait for them at the Voortrekker Monument; I mean, come on! We have a bloody awesome mapbook! Anyway, finally we made it to their house, which - apart from all the clothes strewn around since her son has just moved back in - is a pretty good indication of Shopgirl's decorating talents. And she and Bodyguard look very happy; it's really sweet. I think we'll be spending a lot more time with them - she needs to find a new circle of friends with whom to bond in this new relationship. And I think they're both fantastic people.

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