Thursday, 19 November 2009

Give it up

Now listen. When you borrow someone's personal memory stick for a meeting, then misplace it; then pretend you gave it to them and blame them for losing it; then act like it's no big deal that it's gone, they can just buy a new one; then be told two days later that it was found where the owner told you to look, fortunately by an honest colleague; then want to borrow it again a week later? Don't act shocked and let down when told it's at home and has already been formatted. See: personal.

Oh, and the laughter from the colleagues in the vicinity when you asked to borrow it again? Yeah, that's 'cos they couldn't believe you were brazen enough to just pretend it wasn't your fault the thing was gone.

From now on, I subscribe to MadCat's new signature:
Don't tell me what to do, and don't touch what belongs to me.

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