Wednesday, 4 November 2009

I am

From my folders:

I am: mostly content, a little anxious, somewhat lusty, and rather offbeat
I have: an all-encompassing love, decent health, a good home, a four-legged family, amazing friends
I know: not enough, but more than I should
I think: people need to embrace the strange more, and realise that others don't think exactly the way they do
I don’t think: the above will happen in my lifetime
I want: my MadCat to be free of the monster that has invaded his head and holds his brain
I like: technology, old-fashioned courtesy, the way old people touch each other to convey their love, smiling dogs, fresh, colourful food, the smell of a new car
I dislike: social norms, conformity, lace, beige, trends
I hate:
rigid thinking, organised religion, being told what to do
I dream: of adventures beyond belief, and sharing them with my children
I fear: losing MadCat, losing Moosquared, losing Deafboy; the death of my pets; living on the street; teeth and jaws
I am annoyed: by hypocrisy, including my own; wilful ignorance
I crave: love, lust, books and sushi
I usually: make up scenarios in my head
I search: for my lost clothes in the maw of my cupboard; for a way to bring my spending under control; for a sense of purpose in my corporate job
I hide: my truest feelings, except from MadCat
I wonder: if I'll ever escape this corporate rut
I know: there's more to life than 9-5
I just can’t help: singing out loud
I regret: the missed opportunities to make someone happy, and the thoughtless things I said or did that hurt or saddened them
I love: loving others
I can’t live without: MadCat, my friends, books, my pets, music, the Internet
I try to: be a good person and not shout at Mojo
I enjoy: going out to restaurants and sampling new types of food
I don’t care: if I never watch TV again
I always: SMS MadCat to let him know I'm at work or home, because of the Wombles on the road
I never want to: be cast adrift in the open sea
I rely on: MadCat and my own strength
I believe: that everyone has the right to their own belief system, as long as they don't try to impose it on others

I dance: to the driving guitar rythms in my head
I sing: badly, but enthusiastically
I argue: heatedly, but not well
I write: decently, with an eye for grammar and spelling, but not as creatively as I would like
I win: at Scrabble
I lose: at Risk
I wish: money didn't exist
I listen: with half an ear
I don’t understand: finances and figures
I’m scared of: loud-mouthed politicians and citizen apathy
I forget: appointments
I am happy:
now that I have my MadCat

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