Saturday, 21 November 2009

Mine, all mine!

So it turns out one of the houndlings is a klepto. Guess which one?

No, not Mojo. THat's right! Our sweet, cuddly, beary boy is a shoplifter.

We took them to Twisted Whiskers pet spa today, for shampooing and clipping and trimming and all sorts of fun stuff. (As an aside, McGee is actually a pale wheaten lab. Who knew, under all that dark muck?)

We left 'em there, having decided to finally get my drive(s) - now I can finally say thanks to the gang for my 2008 birthday present! Got a bit of a talking-to from the spa lady when we fetched the muttskis, given the incredible size of Mo's gnawed-away hotspot; not that we haven't been trying, as we explained, but she's licked off the ointment, the Allergex is too weak and come on! She managed to rip off the cone and chew it to bits! So, back to the vet tomorrow.

Anyway, managed to get them into the car without McGee slipping off the back of the SUV - it's pretty high for his old bones - back up to the steps at home so he has an easy exit, turn around to put the seats back - and there's a chewie. Couldn't be Mo, she gets so excited she runs around with her mouth open.

No wonder he put his head down and bulled his way out of the shop!

New name: Criminal. Not that he looks ashamed. In fact, he laughed at me when I phoned the shop to confess! Then he got all cute and rolled over to show his nice, clean belly.

He's still not getting the chewie, though.

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