Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Slightly twisted

A bit late, but here are the pics from Halloween. Not that anyone, apart from Deafboy and Adventure Girl, bothered to dress up - which meant that MadCat and I didn't, either. So sad. So boring! I should've done it anyway, screw everyone else. Oh well, at least fun was had by all - even if Sunshine and Guttermind stayed sober the whole night and left early!

On Friday night, MadCat wanted to crash early, but I insisted that we stay up and prepare the meatballs for the Flying Spaghetti Monster, make the lizard eyes, and create the Marzipan Mayhem diorama. Oh, the moaning and complaining! It soon stopped as his creative (and twisted) juices began to flow! Behold:

Halloween 2009

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