Saturday, 21 November 2009

The Undead Wed

Cake Wrecks: Sunday Sweets: The Undead Wed: "Check out this dark beauty:

It took me a second to realize, but those tiers are actually coffin-shaped! See, I love that this is such a unique, gothically-inspired cake without being in-your-face. Also, this just might be my favorite Day of the Dead inspired topper ever."

I am totally in love with skully cakes. Of course, *my* skully cake would have to have Death, swords, dragons, and possibly the Millenium Falcon somewhere in the mix (I am nothing if not all-encompassing in my love for the weird). The coffins may be a bit much (look, I'm weird, but I'm not a Goth. I love Death, not death.) but the custom-made cake-toppers totally rule!

I have to wonder at some of the comments, though - especially in the Cake Wrecks post (most of the Sunday Sweets linked here were more inspired by the artistry than blatantly rude about the couple's wishes). I mean, I get that most people find it weird to have a fascination with skulls , death, goth life and the like - but what really gets me is the commenters who are all "Wait until they show those pics to their kids or grandkids! Are THEY gonna feel like idiots!".

Uh - reality check: Someone who themes their wedding / commitment ceremony / baby shower / whatever around their lifestyle instead of simply bowing to convention? Is probably going to be rocking out to their gothy, fantasy-loving, metal-head, sci-fi, gamer, freaky love-of-the-weird for the rest of their lives. Or are you thinking they'll be walking around in pastel-coloured twinsets and cardigans in their twilight years, listening to choir music?

Hey, if what you want for your life is "normal", then you go right ahead. But there's no need to be nasty just because someone might have a different world view from your own.

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