Wednesday, 4 November 2009

When next we meet

Got an SMS from Lily - Li Ming Zhou - telling us she's moved to Kung Fu Kitchen. That's clear the other side of town, somewhere near Doors, if I'm not mistaken. So far away!

I'll miss our lovely Ming Zhou, her friendliness, her beautiful smile, her mischievous nature. Sogo just won't be the same without her. Let's face it, since she's been taking days off, or working at the other branch, it's never been quite the same.

I know one really goes to restaurants for the food; but once in a while, there is someone who makes the establishment shine, someone who transcends the food. Not that the food was ever really bad at Sogo - or we wouldn't support it so whole-heartedly - but really, we kept going back there for Ming Zhou, just so that we could give her bigger tips!

Oh well; when next we visit Leebee (and meet the new tyke), we'll make a stop at Kung Fu Kitchen, and see our favourite waitress again. Who knows - maybe they'll even have crispy beef and sushi!

Thanks for my awesome fruit tier, and my carrot bird, Lily. Kampai!

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