Sunday, 8 November 2009

Who's your daddy?

So much for a quiet Sunday.

Shot off to Dischem for baby shopping (good thing I'm practical, AND have attended a fair number of baby showers over the years; Bin Journo received mostly clothing for her baby shower, which is cute, but not really practical, I'm thinking. So we got her a newborn bottle set, a steriliser, nail clippers (with magnifying glass! Cute AND geeky!), medicine dispenser, set of teeny tiny toothbrushes, and Gripe Water - a MUST-have!

Jewels is as crazy as ever, she of the big eyes and always-laughing mouth; unfortunately she couldn't stay long, but we'll be meeting up with the rest of the journos on 28 November, before Bin Journo pops. I cannot WAIT to see my peeps again! It's been far too long since I've had a decent dose of The Crazy. Not that The Circle is completely sane, you understand, but it's a different kind of Crazy to the journos. I miss them, and their irreverance, and complete disregard for anything that might be construed as politically correct.

Inter-racial couples are the norm in the journo group, which might sound completely pointless - I mean, why should race be a factor amongst friends? - but even in The Circle, well, I'm the only coloured (the fact that I'm paler than 90 percent of them is completely beside the point.) No; race, while it's not actually an issue to many of my friends and co-workers, is still noticed and, sometimes, commented on (that's when we're not dealing with the people who feel they can go ahead and make Those Kinds of comments). And I can joke around with "my sister" at work, and we can laugh about our various cultural differences; but it's still A Topic, and often, when people talk about "whites" and "blacks" or "Indians", or whatever, they drop their voices on those words, as if they're afraid they'll get caught. 

But amongst the journos, race and culture are such non-issues, I think they'd be gobsmacked should anyone bring it up. And I find it incredibly relaxing to be in that environment.

Anyway, back on topic! Bin Journo made one of her fabulous chicken curries, and I called MadCat over from Iaculus' place (just round the corner) so he could share in the deliciousness. Then we looked over Biggie's room, which Cameraman had been painting (shirt off, and a nice little six-pack he had going there, I might add). Then MadCat begged the leftovers off Bin Journo, for Iaculus and friends, and headed back for more gaming. And I sat, and nattered. Until the storm broke, and I realised I'd left the houndlings outside, in the garden, no kennel. Oops.

No wonder it smells like ass in here. Whew! McGee sure needs a bath.

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