Friday, 19 March 2010


I met [Moosquared] at a PR company where I worked for three months; she was introduced to me at my interview. About a week after I joined the company, she came and stood in the doorway of my office, shaking a yogurt and just checking out the new girl. Whoops! Yogurt flew out of her hand and splattered all over the blue carpet, leaving a huge stain. We frantically wiped it up, then rearranged the furniture to cover the spot (leaving but a narrow space to squeeze in through the door). Luckily we finished before our respective bosses came back from lunch!

A couple of days later, I heard her singing Cypress Hill's "Insane in the brain" and yelled down the corridor that that was one of my favourite songs! Twelve years of madness, constant reminiscing, being dragged off to odd places by one or the other, shoulders to cry on, scolding when the brain turned to mush, mental rearrangements and hair colours later, it's still "our" song, and we're still a match made in some dark alleyway ...

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