Saturday, 6 March 2010

Builder's Whorehouse

It's a funny thing (to my credit card company, at least), but whenever we head off to Builder's, we end up coming back with far more than expected. Perhaps that's why the last few visits have ended without us being able to get inside the doors.

The stars aligned today, fortunately, and I was able to test my Bosch hammer drill; I got the PB 650 because, as MadCat informed me, it's better to have one with speed settings, even though it's slightly bigger. I'm sure I'll get used to the weight! I tried a Skil, but it just seemed ... unwieldy. Also, apparently it has a 10mm chuck; a non-no, I'm reliably informed. Well, even though that's the one on special with my Skil bag, it made more sense to get the Bosch.

Then my shopping skills came into play; while MadCat was browsing the shelves for a replacement chuck for his drill, I went looking at all the sale items. And thus I stumbled upon a Makita in-line cordless screwdriver with a full set of bits, at almost half price! What a steal! Then, on to the bits and pieces; I am so looking forward to creating this bookcase!


Update: I've used my drill and it's a whole new proposition, getting used to drilling straight and the foibles of wood. My first project - a hanging rack for my necklaces - well, it's pretty amateurish. Then again, I never did woodwork, so this is all pretty new for me. But what the heck, I think I can make a go of it!

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