Thursday, 15 April 2010

All gums

Poor MadCat went to the dentist today; not a traumatic experience, on the whole (apart from the whole can't-feel-my-mouth deal, lips pulling to the side, drool situation - you know how it goes). I got a few weird looks from the rest of the waiting room, since I was playing Emperor on my laptop (wearing headphones, so at least I was doing y'all a favour, people!). Hey, it was worth taking a day off work to drive the boy from place to place, given that anaesthetic has such a hinky effect on him.

But, poor guy! He might have a solid titanium rod in his mouth (coolness!) but on the downside - smooshy food for the next two months - no steak, nothing he has to chew, just things he can - I don't know, gum? Flatten against the roof of his mouth? - that's it. So, chicken-and-corn-chowder - hit it with the blender. Looks so tasty (yeah right) - at least it's savoury and delicious and not too gross in a cup.  (OK, I'm totally lying about that part.) (It is delicious, though.)

Back to work tomorrow; ah well, at least it's Friday and I can wear my jeans! And I do believe I have chocolate and jelly beans waiting in my drawer ...

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