Thursday, 15 April 2010

Stockholming Myself - Day 2

Not at work today; I've got to take MadCat in to the dentist. So, I get to be far more casual, yay! 

Look, a smile! Well, I do have a nice smile, I'm told, except when I'm trying too hard (as above). But, that's one of the things I need to change, I guess. I don't know how I've managed to be a bridesmaid all these years and not get told off for the weird grin-thing I generally have going on.

Anyway, so: new T-shirt from Jay-Jay's, which cannot make up its damn mind on sizing - of three t-shirts, all XL, I had to give one to Moosquared (who is two-thirds my size and weight) because it was like wearing a kiddie shirt; this one is tight; and the third is close-fitting but not a second skin. Then the one Sunshine bought me - a large - is bigger than the rest! ANYWAY. I like the designs, so I'll just have to try before I buy. 

"Magic" jeans courtesy of Woolworths (I wear these almost all the time, particularly on weekends; my little trick to keep the zipper up is to attach a keyring, uh ... ring? ringpull? circlet? THINGY! ... to the zipper, and put it through the clasp of my buckle. (I have a major problem with my flies constantly opening and IT DRIVES ME INSANE!)

Today I am wearing my steel-toecapped workboots. It's been ages! But damn, they are comfy, and I foresee much more of them in my future with winter coming up - no more plimsolls (is that what they're called, those canvas-type shoes?).

Anyway; that's me for today. My, this post was quite chatty! Most unlike my usual drivel ... 

Temerity Jane is running the Stockholming Myself project and I figured, why not join? I hate having photos taken, so maybe this will force me to get rid of the rictus grin and lack of eye contact. TJ says: It’s looking at yourself every single day until you like what you see – either through change or through acceptance. Go check out TJ's Stockholming page and visit the other players!


  1. Ooh, sizing makes me angry! Except when I realize that one of the dresses I have in my closet is labeled as a size 5, and I'm usually a size 12... Still. How are we supposed to KNOW these things?

  2. I love the fun pattern on that shirt!

  3. Zoei, I know! Couple that with the atrocious lighting in so many changing rooms and it's a miracle clothing gets sold at all.

    Delicia, did you ever watch The Trap-Door? The googly eyes remind me of Burke and The Thing Beyond The Door. (Why yes, I am a huge dork, thanks for asking.)


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