Friday, 16 April 2010

Stockholming myself - Day 3

Here's another of my maternity tops; I particularly like this one 'cause it makes me look like I have a teeny waist, and emphasises the curves. The only problem is the shirt is quite thin so my belt is always sticking through (does anyone else have a problem with their jeans/pants/belts forming a lump in the abdominal area?). 

Still working on the smile; I tried an open-mouthed smile and just looked like I was contemplating bloodthirsty mayhem!

You've seen the jeans before and it's likely you'll see them again this weekend. Don't judge me! I only wash my jeans about once a week, unless I got particularly muddy. They just get softer as I wear them!

Adding this pic just to show off my daisy chandelier. When I bought this house, I thought, "kitsch!". I still think that, but in a good way. Hmm, I look like I have a bouquet growing out of my head ...

Damn, I really look like my dad in these pics! This is not meant as a compliment. I mean I actually look like my dad from the neck up, my dad with long hair and wearing make-up. This is not good. I shall have to try another expression, or get face-lipo, 'cause that is not his happy face. (Then again, at least this is not like my passport pic, in which I look like my ex-boyfriend. A problem, because he looked like Meatloaf at the time!)

Temerity Jane is running the Stockholming Myself project and I figured, why not join? I hate having photos taken, so maybe this will force me to get rid of the rictus grin and lack of eye contact. TJ says: It's looking at yourself every single day until you like what you see – either through change or through acceptance. Go check out TJ's Stockholming page and visit the other players!

* I have re-added the pics, so let me know if you have any problem viewing them - they didn't show up the first time.


  1. Cute, cute, CUTE shirt! I love it :) And as for the belt thing, it's always a problem. So I forego the belt sometimes and go for the
    "saggy butt jeans" look instead...

  2. Love the shirt!

    I never wear belts, but where Side A of the waist meets Side B over the button (that little sticky-outtie corner?) ALWAYS pokes through my shirts. But, uh, I think it's more my belly than my pants... *blush*

  3. Love the outfit you look great! And I like your smile, you look like a happy and kind person.

  4. Thanks all! I must admit, this is one of my very favourite outfits - I generally wear it if I need to look good.

    Zoei, I'd do that, but the continental shelf that is my butt needs a belt to pull in the waist of whatever trousers I'm wearing, otherwise there is a gaping hole behind my spine. And, uh, plumber's crack is not a look I wish to cultivate. :-)

    Chibi, yes! Especially in jeans - it's the denim. But my belly is probably the culprit behind making the bulge more prominent. So much for belly-dancing ...

    Aw, Rhonda, you're going to make me blush. :-)


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