Thursday, 29 April 2010

Stockholming on the run - Days 10-16

I haven't stopped the Stockholming project, I promise - I just haven't been able to upload my pics from my phone to my machine until now. I have no idea why. But, even though I went through a couple of days feeling like death warmed up, I dragged myself out of bed and took that pic.

Sixteen days today! I'm pretty proud of myself for sticking it out this long. I don't know how much longer I'll continue, at least as far as the entries go.

Temerity Jane is running the Stockholming Myself project and I figured, why not join? I hate having photos taken, so maybe this will force me to get rid of the rictus grin and lack of eye contact. TJ says: It's looking at yourself every single day until you like what you see – either through change or through acceptance. Go check out TJ's Stockholming page and visit the other players!

It's been a miserable few days here in Johannesburg, as you'll have guessed from my previous entries. I suffer from seasonal depression so grey, wet, miserable weather is guaranteed to dampen my spirits, even when I'm having a good time. And on Saturday, I had to miss Deafboy and Adventure Girl's housewarming due to a recalcitrant digestive system, which was annoying in more ways than one. Depressed because I was feeling awful, and because of the weather - and because I couldn't join my favourite people, all gathered just a few blocks from me.

Which brings me to a thought I have pondered a few times over the past year, particularly since Deafboy married Adventure Girl: when does it become appropriate to stop talking about one's ex-husband as an ex, particularly when said ex is a best friend and his wife is an integral part of one's life? Is it ever inappropriate to refer to the ex as ... the ex? I mean, we were married for seven years and went through one of the most extreme experiences any couple could ever have, and survived. I wouldn't want to lose him from my life and I'm pretty sure he feels the same about me; we're best friends, now, and the four of us have our own circle of madness, lame jokes, home improvement and DIY, D&D and friendly cooking rivalry. We're inextricably intertwined and my ex-in-laws are still my family. But I get weird looks from people, new to the circle, who hear us illustrating a point using a story from the old days, and even some of our mutual friends have withdrawn from our lives - which, frankly, just pisses me off because we had to be together to be good enough?

Anyway. If it doesn't bother MadCat and Adventure Girl, I guess it shouldn't bother me.

In other news, I think I found out why my little Insolent has been withdrawn and terrified recently; she had a huge gash in her side. Bad mommy for not noticing sooner! We rushed her off to the vet yesterday, and she's now a third lighter (I'm not kidding about how much hair she lost). (And also, it has always seemed weird to me how the skin colour of a cat mimics its markings. Now she has her calico fur, with shaved pink, white and black skin. WEIRD! And every time I stroke her and my fingers brush her skin, I shriek and snatch my hand away because I MIGHT RIP OUT STITCHES!)

Finally, I just couldn't let this pass: Young Louis Cordier, of Paarl Gymnasium High School, has been chosen to represent South Africa at the NASA Space School - but the education department is just not interested in helping. I put the article on Google Buzz, and got a response within minutes; his dad just phoned me and the family is just overwhelmed with the response since Business Day published that little tidbit. Man, I don't have much money, but I can tell you that MadCat, Iaculus and I, and possibly Deafboy and Adventure Girl, would love to have some hand in sending this kid to a place we've only ever dreamed of visiting. We need more kids with a talent for maths and science - this must be encouraged! Twenty-five-thousand Rand ... it's a hell of a lot to me, but I know the Cordiers are going to be able to send their son to NASA! Time for Facebook and Twitter; what a pain having to wait until I get home to post!

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