Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Book crushes

Hey, I've been quoted on Women24's book club site! Tammya sked us about book crushes and here's what i had to say:

So many to choose from
Hmm, I have so many book crushes, I hardly know where to begin!

OK, let's start with Roarke, of JD Robb's (Nora Roberts) Eve Dallas series. It's not just that he's incredibly sexy, fantastically wealthy and a cyberfiend to boot, but he adores his completely non-trendy, tough-as-nails, unromantic wife not just for her exterior, but for all the scared-little-girl parts she keeps safely hidden.

He wouldn't dream of forcing her to be something she's not, but accepts her with all her (extremely visible) flaws). And their banter often has me laughing out loud. What's not to like?

In the same vein, all four of the Quinn brothers from Nora Roberts' Chesapeake Bay quadrilogy. For some reason, people seem to think I should be embarrassed to be caught reading her books - but the woman can write a character like nobody's business!

And these men are spot-on; real men, no wussies, no macho posers, no plain old idiots. Their interaction is what gets me every time - with each other and the women in their lives.

Go and read the rest - some interesting choices!

Then I got to thinking .., who else is worthy of a good old crush? In book-land, at least. And it struck me: I'm in crush with a host of completely oddball Terry Pratchett characters. Death? Check. Granny Weatherwax? Check. Commander Vimes, Captain Carrot, NOBBY NOBBS? Check, check, check. I am incapable of choosing just one specific set of TP books. Do I go for the Death series? But what about the Witches? And the City Watch? Not to mention the wizards at Unseen University - ooh! The Librarian! I AM CRUSHING ON A FICTIONAL ORANGUTAN!

Somebody save me.

(How could I forget about the Nac Mac Feegle? Crivens! Goin' tae get sech a kickin'!)

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