Tuesday, 24 August 2010

From the man himself

See, even Dwight Schultz liked the movie! OK, so he's not exactly singing its praises, but he doesn't hate it, either:

"Dwight's opinion about the A-team movie
June 22nd. 2010

You probably read it in all kinds of (internet) articles: speculations about the opinions of the original actors from the series about the A-team movie. Some even stated that Dwight refused to give any comment. Dwight just hasn't given his opinion yet because he first wanted to SEE the film before sharing his opinion about it. He has seen it now and this is his official statement that he wants to share with you through his fansite:

I am too close to the A-TEAM TV series to consider myself objective or to write a proper critique, so I ask you to take into consideration that I loved working on the show, and no matter how heartbreaking I found working on it at times, I am indebted to Stephen Cannell and Frank Lupo who both gave me a life changing opportunity. The Film ,THE A-TEAM , is about twenty light years away from the series. Over and over again I heard from a variety of sources, that the movie would be "gritty" ,"real", "not corny", "big" ,"violent" , and "people would get killed "

It appears that these descriptors were accurate and had the intended effect on THE A-TEAM. The film pays homage to the series while it eschews its essential working premise: a band of capable military brothers for hire determined to save underdog and usually poor civilians from scum. But wait! The point is... this is not the TV series. It's a well shot wave of action, with hilarity, modest sex, violence and well played bad guys that you want to see tied up with shrink rap. Brian Bloom, co-writer and central villain clearly got to pen his own lines. Interesting! Check out that car scene! The team characters are sufficiently different and, with so many roles reversed from the original, one could say they are not really derivative, save for their names.

The exception is the brilliant Sharlto Copley as Murdock. He is faithful to the original, but at the same time is big screen twisted and right at home with the new team. I saw the film with a packed house and the audience applauded, laughed and were all smiles as they filed out of the theater. The only major criticism that I will let slip is the decision by such a creative team not to use Mike Post's great music theme....one of the absolute best..to jump start the film.....The audience would have screamed in delight.

From The Official Dwight Schultz Fansite

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