Friday, 27 August 2010

Why spay? Do the math.

We can send all sorts of nonsensical emails; can we forward something worthwhile?


This is from Dr Shelagh Hahn of Blue Bush Animal Clinic, Bloubosrand near Fourways

Today I spayed a cat. 

She was brought to me by an animal welfare organisation, having been dumped by some selfish ignorant fool. She was pregnant with 4 foetuses.


If she had not been spayed, she and her statistically 2 daughters would each have had 4 kittens 6 months from now, and she and her 2 older daughters, her 2 new daughters and her 4 granddaughters would each have had 4 more kittens 6 months after that. Continue to do the maths, adding in the males, and after 4 years you are heading for 100 000 cats.

I sterilise about 50 homeless animals a week for charities. If I continue to do so until I have worked for 40 years, I will have sterilised 100 000 charity animals in my career. So if one idiot dumps one unsterilized animal about 4 years before I retire, he will replace all the animals I have sterilised with unsterilized ones the day I retire. Thanks idiot!?

Municipal pounds in Gauteng alone have to kill over 2000 homeless animals every month. Guess what that adds up to in 4 years......100 000 deaths. So all that senseless killing is only cancelling out the irresponsibility of one person who didn't sterilise an animal 4 years before. Food for thought for that person.

Tomorrow I will sterilise another 10 charity animals. While I am doing that, please send this email to everyone you know, maybe it will reach one person who will change their selfish mindset and sterilise their pet. Even if it can stop one pregnant animal from being abandoned before the year 2030, all the work I do for charities may not have been a complete waste of time


"Are you polluting the world or cleaning up the mess? You are responsible for your inner space, nobody else is,  just as you are responsible for the planet.  As within, so without.  If humans clear inner pollution, they will also cease to create outer pollution." (Eckhard Tolle : "The Power of Now")

P Please don't print this e-mail unless you really need to

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