Thursday, 30 September 2010


I'm trying to write more frequently - isn't that always the blogger's refrain? Anyway, not that I plan on turning this into a weight-loss blog, and I certainly won't be sharing every detail of what I eat and what I do, but here's the thing: I kind of have to.

Seems that the ostio-arthritis in my knees is known as - hang on, let me decipher Dr K's spider-scrawl - Chondro-Melasia Patellae. Basically, I've worn away the cartilage in my knee-caps through being overweight and my leg muscles not being strong enough. And no, horse-riding isn't going to help, it's just going to hurt the knees more. So what do I have to do?


Let me just say that again, and you can imagine it with all the stupid squinchy-face expressions I used when I spat it out at Dr K: Cycle. PSY-KAL. CYCLE. 

I hate, HATE cycling, with every fibre in my being. I didn't enjoy my bike as a kid (yes, i had one, which kid didn't?); I preferred my roller-skates. And oh, how I would love to be a participant in roller-derby. Here's the thing though; I can't. My knees are screwed enough that I have to be careful not to climb stairs too often; not to trot when I'm on a horse; not to twist, as in bellydancing; not to have any sort of resistance at all, in fact. 

He threatened that if I didn't lose weight and sort out my knees, not only would I be having weekly cortisone shots in my knees (and wouldn't THAT just help me pack on the pounds!), but I'd be looking at a double knee replacement by the age of 50. Now, I know Dr K is big on the overkill when it comes to warning of what could be; I also know that I'm in a far better position, physically, than many people I know who are my age or older and have not yet had knee replacement surgery; but come on. We all know that healthier eating and proper exercise is good, right/ That it helps with longevity, mental health and physical well-being? 

Still, though. Cycling.Kill me now.

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