Sunday, 31 October 2010

Nicole Wakelin of Total Fan Girl recently wrote a piece about her favourite childhood superheroines - Isis, Wonder Woman and The Bionic Woman. It was quite a reminder for me - I've been reading a lot about Wonder Woman via Twitter and the various geek girls, and of course, Bionic Woman was recently remade (not that I saw the series, but there was a honking big billboard hanging over William Nicol as I turned into Republic that couldn't fail to catch the eye).

It's been a long time since anyone has mentioned Isis, though. I spoke about the show to MadCat who, unfortunately, was too young to have seen it. I remember the frustration of having to go to piano lessons with heather, and knowing that I'd miss the beginning of the show. I loved Isis' strong makeup and magical prowess! Even then, I knew that my folks didn't approve, so I kept as quiet as I could about my enjoyment of the show so I didn't have to deal with the "satanic!" mumblings.

My other favourite shows at that time were Battle of the Planets (G-Force) and Thunder the Wonder-horse. I loved watching Princess and the tension between Jason and Mark. The fact that Princess rode a kick-ass motorbike and wasn't above kicking ass herself were another eye-opener to the fact that females didn't always need to be rescued, but could do the rescuing themselves. "Transmute!"

Then there was Thunder the Wonderhorse (which was dubbed, sadly), which pleased me for other reasons, like the fact that in some part of the world (Texas), kids could ride horses to school in a tarred-road town. And, of course, I was a horse fanatic, back in the day. I often dreamed of having a Thunder of my very own.

Perhaps it was all tied up with my obsession with Westerns back then, particularly Louis L'Amour and JT Edson. I even wrote school compositions featuring the Sacketts and the Floating outfit. Yes, my inner child's superhero is a cowhand. Is there any kind of cowhand superhero out there?

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