Sunday, 31 October 2010

Re: It's Sunday, Oct 31 - How did your day go?

It's been a fairly quiet day, what with the tummy bug still rampant after last night. Thankfully this hasn't meant many bathroom visits, just excruciating pain around the diaphragm area - where it normally hurts if I've eaten something wrong.

I had to cancel on Adventure Girl today, since I was supposed to be driving us around for the tattoo convention. Man, I'm annoyed that I missed it! i hope she managed to get some decent photos and contact details.

Apart from that, the Myprodol has been kicking my ass six ways from Sunday! I had to have a nap earlier this morning because I just couldn't stay awake while reading. At least MadCat ended up reading a graphic novel today - Ghost - while he was sitting with me as I was falling asleep.

apart from that, once I woke up (and discovered that he'd gone off to his own bedroom because I was snoring!), I took some awesome pics of Eskie, who'd Gone Unders. I am loving the new camera! One day i'll get one of my own, and won't have to borrow it from work.

Now for some Sims, I think. Pity I left the DVDs at Sunshine and Guttermind's place, or I'd be watching a horror movie in homage to Halloween. Oh well! So it goes.

Happy Hallloween, y'all!

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