Wednesday, 6 October 2010

This wind-up toy is broken

Well, I just came from an assessment with the biokineticist, and I'm even more screwed than I thought! So I have arthritis on both knees - chondro malasial patellae - plus of course, I hurt my knee earlier this year and it's just never healed.

Now it seems I also have some weird inflammation of the muscle that runs down the sides of the body, from armpit to ankle, because I walk funny and one side is trying to compensate for the other, plus my knees point in the wrong directions so the left is compensating for the right, plus plus plus ... argh!

And I'm not allowed to do any cycling, running, even walking on a treadmill, I have to stop the belly-dancing as of today, no crunches unless under supervision, pretty much the only things I can do outside of the personal sessions with her three times a week are four exercises she's given me that take 15 minutes a group, and otherwise it's the physio and deep muscle massages to try and stimulate the muscles. Gah! And NO horse-riding. Pfft!


Well, okay, who am I kidding, I hate exercising anyway. Still, it's no fun being told one CANNOT do something, now is it? Especially a stubborn old fart like me.

AND I've joined the Hello Summer weight loss challenge at work, to try and lose 15kg by 24 November. I'm just a damn sucker for punishment.

(But I'll do it! You'll see!)

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