Sunday, 10 October 2010

A Treveler Dream – The “Unicat” Home On Wheels

Man, how awesome is this? I really like the idea of travelling around in my home. Of course, i couldn't fit six cats and two dogs in here - let alone MadCat and I - but as the ultimate freedom - and zombie escape, when the end of the world is nigh - it'd be a pretty comfy way to stay on the move.

At a first glance this car might look like a garbage truck from outside but it is in fact designed as a sort of a cross between a mobile home and an off-road vehicle. It's a Terra Cross "Home on Wheels" manufactured by UNICAT. This "Home on Wheels" has everything you need, an office, beds, bathroom, kitchen and storage space plus today you can live on the beach, and tommorow in the middle of a city ( of course if you can park ). The particular model displayed here is the EX63HDI MAN TGA 6×6, and if you want to see other models you can check UNICAT website. In conclusion this "home on wheels" would be a perfect choice for someone who decide to travel around the world, or who just like to travel. Now let's take a look and admire the inside of this "house on wheels".

home on wheelsnull

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