Monday, 1 November 2010

Animal antics

I had the opportunity to take the work camera home this weekend - a Nikon D90. My new toy! Of course, since I only received it on Thursday, I had to practice with it - right?

I started off with the lovely John Shepherd. He's such a sweet dawg.

I played around with all these pics in Photoshop, by the way - a bit of dodge tool in the eyes, some burn tool in the pupils, Mojo's red collar below, a touch of smart sharpen and a hint of blur where needed.Though I may have overdone the latter in the pic below.

It's hard getting a decent pic of Mo; she's always on the move, unless she's sleeping, and even then, her legs are in motion ...

Eskarina Witch's Cat decided she wanted to Go Unders. She was not best pleased when I arrived to disturb her slumber.

Then I had the nerve not to take the hint. She had no option but to sulk, and plot my demise.

That's it for now; I'll play with more photos tomorrow, I hope. And put up soem of the Sundog pics I managed to snap this morning.
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