Thursday, 23 December 2010

Baking is clearly not my forté

Well. My one commitment to Christmas Eve dinner with L-Squared tomorrow night was the German almond cake, as MadCat is making his famous Incredible Sheeken (okay, so I've decided I'll also make sweet-corn-and-bacon-filled gem squash, and possibly a salad, but still). I got the recipe from MadCat's mom last night and started baking it a couple of hours ago. Note: a couple of hours. Because it just. Won't. Bake.

Maybe it's because I've mixed the flour? I used a cup of regular my-flour (the wheat-free, chickpea-and-potato kind) and a cup of almond flour. Because, come on, it's a freaking ALMOND CAKE! Surely it should have almond flour in it? And the almond flour (according to the bag) is supposed to create a thicker, chewier consistency. NOT!

I mixed, and sifted, stirred and measured, poured, and beat (and at thyis point I think I should state that I long for a proper kitchen mixer, and I would not be one of those stupid women who start a fight with their loved ones for buying such a gift, oh no - it would make my life IMMENSELY more pleasurable!) and finally put the batter into the already-prepared baking tin. As instructed, I put the tin into a cold oven, waited for it to heat to the correct temperature, then gave it 25 minutes. When I got back, the cake was still runny. Odd. So I boosted the heat and gave it another 20. Still runny. So I boosted it to 180 and gave it ANOTHER 20.

At this point, the topping has browned quite nicely, but the inside of the cake is still slopping around. I'm done. I'll try another cake later, but I don't actually have another cake tin of this type. What the hell?

I have NO IDEA what went wrong. I obviously just suck ass at baking.

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